El Corazon

“I am my own work of Art”

Amparo Chi

Chicana Artist born in East Los Angeles, currently based in the High Desert. I was fortunate to have grown up in Boyle Heights, a city rich in art. Surrounded by different murals from graffiti to Chicano Art. Art to me is a form of creativity and expression, they have no boundaries. My choice of medium is acrylic paint. I’m a Librarian by choice and a painter by heart. Emotions are my inspiration. Frida Kahlo is my forever muse. My eyes see a colorful world and my brush expresses my heart. Thank you for supporting my art!

Amor de Madre

Honoring the unspoken silent words that emit nothing but love between a child and their nantin (mother in Nahuatl). Digital art created in 2020.

Nuestras Raices

Frida is my forever muse. Digital art created in 2020.

Frida + Diego

Somos Semillas

Wounded Heart

Mis Matriarcas